A 10 day experience of Israel

See the Land.

Serve the People.

10 Day Experience In Israel
May 29-June 8, 2024 | Jerusalem, Israel
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Encounter the Land and the People


God's heart for Israel and the nations


with Israeli believers & others from around the world


and engage with what God is doing in Israel today

Explore the Foundations of Your Faith

  • The Galilee, Golan Heights & Northern Boundary
  • Central Coast & Jezreel Valley
  • Jerusalem & The Dead Sea
  • Judean Wilderness & The Dead Sea
  • Lower Jordan River Valley
  • "Being at Jerusalem Encounter was like meeting family around the world that I didn't know I had. I feel so much more connected to how God is moving in Israel today." JE attendee
  • “Jerusalem Encounter really opened my eyes to see how the Lord is at work in Israel today. It was so encouraging to hear testimonies from the local Body of believers and learn more about how to pray.” JE attendee

A 10 day experience in Israel

Prepare yourself for a life-changing journey as you encounter the modern miracle of the Land, culture, and people of Israel. Participate in bringing Hope and Healing to the Land as you serve during this critical time. Experience Israel, the world of the Bible, and enrich your relationship with Jesus as you discover the roots of your faith.

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus as the Bible comes to life

Immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of Israel

Hear from local believers in Israel

Explore Biblical sites with a fresh perspective

Jerusalem Encounter 2024 Promo

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